Timeline of events and history surrounding the Conquests games


1400 B.C.
Nine Men's Morris scratched on the roof of an Egyptian temple.
800 BC
Time of King Hezekiah
599-219 BC
Matronae of Ceres rule Rome.
70 B.C.
Velleda led a major rebellion against the Romans, and loses.
52 B.C.
Julius Caesar writes of the Druids.
1 A.D.
Birth of Christ.
70 A.D.
The cult of Venus dominated the main Temple of Aphrodite of Jerusalem.
100 A.D.
Christianity arose in the 'Far East' (ancient usage) and spread west ever since.
480 A.D.
Vesores, King of Egypt...
537 A.D.
The date of Emperor Arthur's death as recorded in the Annales Cambriae.
800 A.D.
Arthur rules Camelot.
850 A.D.- Earliest historical record of Arthur in the Historia Britonum.
1178 A.D. - Agnes is born.
1192 A.D. - The Innkeeper returns from the Crusades.[1]
1193 A.D.
Third Crusade, King Richard is captured by King Leopold of Austria.
1194 A.D.
During spring, Robin Hood is captured by the Sheriffi's men.
1200 A.D.
The Doomsayer believed would be the last year before the End of All Things.
1201 A.D.
The date the Doomsayer believed would bring the End of All Things (though he was likely mistaken).
Piers Plowman is written.
Robert Stafford the outlaw runs around using the alias Frere Tuk.

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