Stone Circle
Arthur meeting the hag
Vital statistics
Location Forest Perilous
Inhabitants hag

The Stone Circle is a location lieing at the edge of the Forest Perilous near the Glastonbury Tor.


This circle made of standing stones and megaliths was created in Forest Perilous. Unlike a cromlech, or dolmen, the stones are arranged in a circle. But it has no henge, for a henge is a circular embankment. The standing stones have but one which is a trilithon: two upright stones with a captstone or lintel-stone over the top of the

On a pedestal a hag was standing asking a toll. Some of the stones there were once men, turned into stone by her.

When Arthur broke her enchantment, as she left, some runes appeared on the pedestal, warning about the five poets.

Behind the scenesEdit

Somerset, see Summer Lands (where Glastonbury Tor is) contains three stone circles at present (the Stanton Drew stone circles) but none of them is as large as the one appearing in the game. However, it was not uncommon for stone circles to be taken down and used as construction material by local villages, thus it's not impossible that such a stone circle did exist in the past.

Runic inscriptionEdit

When the player types read runes a textbox with an icon of the runes will appear and Merlin will give the translation as.

Five poets bold
Did come astray.
Five standing stones
Now bar the way.
Of limbs bereft,
Yet voice I left.
To pass through the middle
You must ask for... [riddle]


In reality, the runes that appear are Anglo-Saxon runes ('Elder Futhark')

ᛞᛖᚪᛏᚻ ᛁᛊ ᚪᛚᛚ
ᛏᚻᛟᚱ ᛟᛞᛁᚾ?

and the actual text says through 'transliteration':


Since the actual 'transliterated' text is different from the "translation" by Merlin, it means that it wasn't ought to be read or understood by the player and therefore its meaning has no significance to the game; it is perhaps an Easter Egg, but still the meaning to the designers is not easy to guess. Stormbringer refers to several things, other than Thor.

It's worth noting that in some modern druidic traditions Thor and Odin are important figures. Thor in particular is connected to storms and weather, and his symbol is the oak. This imagery and concept appears in the KQ games in KQ3 and KQ6 (which has its own Circle of Stones).

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