Gwenhyver's rose
Vital statistics
Effects Protection
Source Queen's Bower
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

The Rose was the last flower remaining in Camelot, kept by Gwenhyver in the Queen's Bower for Arthur. He told him to wear it next to his heart and when he says the "Message of the Rose" it will protect him in case of danger.

The petals of the rose guided Arthur as he walked the frozen surface of Ot Moor.


"She was being poetic Arthur. She meant only to carry it with you"
―Merlin when player types wear rose

Behind the scenesEdit

The rose can be given to the hag to let Arthur pass once. She will accept it but will say that Arthur is a fool to give away this gift of love.

Since the rose can be missed or lost, Arthur can use alternatively the crystal heart to pass Ot Moor.

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