Pool of Siloam
Outside siloam
The terrace outside the Pool
Arthur refreshes in the water
Vital statistics
Location Desert

The Pool of Siloam is found a bit south from Jerusalem. It is fed by the Spring of Gihon through Hezekiah's Aqueduct.


On his way to Jerusalem, Arthur and his mule reached the Pool. As Arthur approached, a girl carrying water saw him and ran away scared; Merlin supposed that she thought Arthur was some evil djinn of the desert.

Arthur rested and refreshed there after the trip in the desert.

Behind the scenesEdit

Outside the Pool of Siloam, Arthur can be killed if he falls down (i.e. by not taking the steps).

Arthur stumbles

If you try to leave the terrace, not by the narrow steps, or the sand platform, Arthur will lose his step and comically fall down. Merlin will warn Arthur not to be so careless.

Although the player can progress through the aquaduct, Arthur will eventually hit his head on a low spot in the darkness, knock himself out, fall face first into the water, and drown.

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