Mule is a beast of burden similar to a horse. A mule is of great value in Jerusalem. So great is the value of a mule that is sure of foot and gentle of nature that to some it is above all the gold and treasures of the earth.

Sir Galahad took a mule with him for his travel to the Far East packed with rations. When he left, Rollin' Jack, the harbourmaster of Southampton, send it and Galahad's horse back to Camelot. King Arthur took the mule with him on his quest to rescue his knights and find the Grail.

Arthur loses the mule in the Forest Perilous. He finds it again later at the slopes of the Glastonbury Tor behind a circle of rocks.

The mule accompanied Arthur all his way to Ot Moor and then Southampton and Gaza where it'ss taken to Al-Sirat's house and tended by Hazm; through the Desert and then Jerusalem. There, Arthur sold it to Mohammed, who paid him handsomely.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game, the mule has three sprites.

The first appearance of the mule in the Camelot Courtyard where it is packed with rations; the perspective in that screen shows everyone a bit smaller, including the horse and the mule.
The normal appearance of the mule throughout most of Arthur's journey through England.
Large-no rations
During the voyage to Gaza, the narration mentions that all of Arthur's rations are washed by a wave. Having no rations to carry, for the rest of the game the mule is "nude".
When Arthur takes too long in the desert, both he and the mule will appear bent, tired and thirsty. This is remedied when they visit the Pool of Siloam.

If the player types give mule to Mohammed instead of sell, he will take the mule for free and Arthur will remain without money; 10 Wisdom points will be reduced. In order for the game to finish, the guards will kill Arthur mistaking him for the Thief.