Mithras was a warrior-god which only men were allowed to worship and in great secret.


He was most popular among the Roman soldiers who brought this worship with them to England centuries ago. He was worshiped for many, many centuries and his symbol was the labarum.

His altar was shared with that of Christ, the god of the new religion, but it was withdrawn when Arthur brought the Grail to Camelot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Divine wrath

Wrath of a god

Mithras (like Christ) is a vengeful god, and the player leaves Camelot without giving a silver or gold donation in the Chapel, the gates of Camelot will fall on Arthur as he exits.

If the player gives one silver to the altar, a flame will be lit signifying that the donation was accept. If the player gives one gold, a vision of Gawaine, Launcelot and Galahad will appear, telling Arthur of their present condition. Their visions appear in the order they must be rescued in the course of the game.