Jesus Christ is an individual worshiped by Christians.


Worship of Christ god arose in the Far East around 100 A.D and spread to the west since then. To some he is a prophet to others he is the son of God. He preached much of love, of compassion, and forgiveness for the sins of others. He was crucified near Jerusalem and the Holy Grail was his relic which kept his blood by Joseph of Arimathea.

During the reign of Arthur, most people of Camelot already had started to worship the Christ god. His altar was shared with that of Mithras, but the latter was withdrawn when Arthur brought the Grail to Camelot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Christ (like Mithras) is a vengeful god, and the player leaves Camelot without giving a silver or gold donation in the Chapel, the gates of Camelot will fall on Arthur as he exits.

If the player gives one silver to the altar, a flame will be lit signifying that the donation was accept. If the player gives one gold, a vision of the Grail will appear, reminding Arthur that only a man pure of heart is worthy to hold the cup.