The Hierophant of the Six Guardians posed as a leper beggar in the Street of David next to a brazier. He was there when Galahad and then Arthur visited Jerusalem looking for the Holy Grail.

He would give the Elixir to anyone who would pass the test of Fatima and open the entry to the Catacombs leading to the ancient Temple of Aphrodite, however Galahad insisted to enter without passing the tests.

Arthur offered to the beggar money and some charcoal as part of the test of his spirit. Then, after passing Fatima's test, she sent him to find the Hierophant, and the beggar opened the Catacombs for him.


"Ancient he is
and he is wise
yet shunned by fools
who fear his guise
"Once in this city she was greatly worshipped under the name of Aphrodite. By that name still we call her."
―Hierophant, when ask about goddess

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