Portrait of Gawaine
Vital statistics
Title Sir
Gender males
Race human
Faction Knights of the Round Table
Status Alive
Location Camelot/Forest Perilous

Sir Gawaine was a Knight of the Round Table. One of the three knights who left seeking the Holy Grail.


A friend of the Treasurer of Camelot, he was the last person to see him before he left, telling him that he would visit the Glastonbury Tor to find the Grail. He had heard about the Mad Monk there keeping a treasure and thought that it was the Grail.

However while in the Forest Perilous, the Black Knight stopped him and challenged him to a joust; Gawaine lost the challenge and the Black Knight chained him on an ancient tree to die from his injuries.

Gawaine image

Gawaine chained by the Black Knight

When Arthur came to find Gawaine and the Grail, he was challenged again by the Black Knight. However Arthur did not spare his own life when given a choice and challenged the Knight.

Arthur was victorious and found later Gawain chained terribly injured. He broke his shackles with Excaliber and knowing that he cannot go to Camelot in his condition, he mounted him on his horse. The horse rode Gawain to Camelot and Arthur continued his quest on foot.


"Save me, most valiant king! I am injured unto the death by a black fiend. The green leaves will cover my bones unless you are quick."
―Gawaine's vision in the Chapel
"I cannot believe such filth... from the lips of my own king!"
―Gawaine when the player types fuck gawaine
"The Black Knight has taken his life. Aye, well you should tremble at the sight. This crime lies heavily upon your own soul and will never be cleansed, no matter how you seek to right it."
―Merlin, if the player refuses to duel the Black Knight
"Alas, Gawaine, the noble Gawaine is dead. Perhaps he died of his injuries, but I fear it was your indifference that struck the final blow."
―Merlin, if the player forgets to rescue Gawaine

Behind the scenesEdit

Gawaine down

Gawaine if left for dead

As with the other Knights, the player has the choice of not saving his life to continue the game unchallenged, however the Grail will punish him at the end. Arthur will be challenged twice about the challenge; if he denies it, Gawaine will be found dead. Merlin will comment that it will be a great burden on Arthur's soul which he won't be able to cleanse no matter what he does to right it.

Even if he vanquishes the Black Knight, if the player leaves Gawaine or doesn't put him on the horse, Gawaine will be seen dead after he is left there too long (eg. the third time the player enters his screen). To this Merlin will comment that Gawaine died of his injuries and of Arthur's indifference.

In any case, Gawaine's death costs 50 Soul Points.

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