Fulk the Jester. Robin Hood saves him from being tortured at the Fens Monastery.

the Jester is the dwarf Court Jester to King Richard the Lionheart.


He was with him in Austria but Richard sent him before being caught and he escaped Leopold's ambush. Upon reaching England with the Ring that commands Fire and the Ring that commands Water, he fell into Prince John's hands. He was put to torment in the Monastery at Ferns and his scroll with the key to open the wooden boxcontaining the Ring of Fire was taken to be opened. Robin Hood entered the monastery and found him, but Fulk requested the scroll to prove that Robin is his ally.

When Robin returned with the scroll, he left with Fulk from a secret passage. After they parted, Fulk left to find Queen Eleanor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Possibly the character is named after Fulk_FitzWarin, a medieval outlaw.

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