Forest Perilous
Forest Perilous image
Arthur in Forest Perilous
Vital statistics
Type Forest
Location Before Glastonbury Tor
Inhabitants Widdershins, Hunter, Crow, Black Knight, Hag, Five stones, Old_Father_Tree

Forest Perilous is a dark and dangerous forest that borders Glastonbury Tor.


It was the only way through which to reach Glastonbury Tor. The Black Knight was part of the Forest and bound its power with him with magic. Another supernatural occupant was the sprite Widdershins and an enchanted hag in a stone circle who turned men into stone. The boars were another hazard.

Despite this, men like the hunter Hugo the Bold tried to live out of the forest.

An his way to the Tor, Gawaine was defeated by the Black Knight, until Arthur vanquished him and freed the Knight. He also dispelled the sorcery of the Hag.


stone circle


boar spear, sleeve

Behind the scenesEdit

The "Forest Perilous" is a location mentioned in Malory's "Le Morte D'Arthur" (Liber IX, Chapter XVI: How King Arthur was brought into the Forest Perilous, and how Sir Tristram saved his life). It is mentioned there to be in North Wales

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