Fatimais the most powerful of the Six Guardians of the Goddess. She lives in Jerusalem, the Street of David, in a house adorned with the star and the crescent.

She tests the nobility and chastity of anyone who seeks to meet the Goddess of the Grail by resisting her seductions.

She first offers wealth and power, then spiritual power and knowledge, and then offers her love. Anyone who passes her tests, then proceeds then to the Test of the Symbols and meets the Hierophant.

Galahad resisted her but could not pass the Test of the Symbols and was not worthy of the elixir. She learned from him that he entered the catacombs to continue his search. Arthur who came some months after him passed all the tests.


"She is so exquisite, that even I am moved by her beauty. And she is no ordinary woman. I feel a power here that rivals my own."

Behind the scenesEdit

Arthur must deny all her offers. If he accepts them, she will strangle him with her garland or with a pillow. Same thing happens if Arthur passes the test and then types kiss woman.

If Arthur attempts to leave her house, he will fall into the Hezekiah's Aqueduct. It will also cost 10 Wisdom Points.

If the player attempts to draw Excaliber she will exclaim that Arthur is far from the enchantress who gave him the sword, and her own power is supreme here. It should not leave its scabbard in her presence.

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