Excaliber is the magical sword of King Arthur, given to him by the Lady of the Lake, then known as Caliburn.


Arthur kept Excaliber in his room in Camelot.

He took it with him in his quest for the Holy Grail. With it he broke the shackles to free Gawaine and then vanquished the Mad Monk of Glastonbury Tor.

With it he defended himself against Jabir outside Jerusalem, and finally fought against the Saracen


"You received your sword, Excaliber, from the Lady in the Lake. By Her blessings, may it serve you well."

Behind the scenesEdit

Excaliber can be drawn anytime in the game. Usually the game/Merlin will reply that there is no need to use it; however there are some specific messages related to the screen or the persons around.

  • Courtyard: No need to fight since the guards around protect Arthur
  • Chapel: Message that the weapon annoys the gods in this holy place
  • Boar screen: The Excaliber is powerful, but not long enough to kill the boars.
  • Dead knight screen: The knight has been dead too long to be a threat
  • Al-Sirat screen: Merlin must warn often that violent urges against innocent people will stain Arthur's soul and make him unworthy
  • Street of David bazaar: if a guard is present, 3 guards will arrive and chop Arthur in pieces.

The following persons will react their own way:

  • Gwenhyver: She will comment either that "nothing is more exciting than a man with a long sword" or that she is fond of it, but prefers a better use.
  • Merlin: He is no fond of the sight of steel in his presence.
  • Widdershins: A sword cannot harm a sprite
  • Hunter: Asks if something is wrong, and comments that it's a good thing that Arthur is at readiness in Forest Perilous
  • Hag: Will be angered with Arthur's defiance. If he unsheathes it again, she will turn him into stone.
  • Mad Monk: If Arthur approaches him holding the sword, he will turn against him; the result is the same as ask monk about Grail
  • Lady of the Lake: Says that Arthur shouldn't threaten her with the sword SHE gave him. The second time she turns Arthur into ice.
  • Harbourmaster: Merlin warns Arthur not to threaten this good man.
  • Jabir: will run off scared.
  • Guards of the Zion Gate: First Merlin will ask why Arthur would insult an armed group of men unless feeling suicidal. If he approaches armed, they will slice Arthur to pieces.
  • Yasser: Will run off scared.
  • Fatima: Will remind that the enchantress who gave that sword has no power there, but she has.
  • Saracen: If the player unsheathes the sword without wearing the helmet, the Saracen will simply split Arthur's head open.

Arthur suicides with Excaliber by falling on it, when he fails to follow the Thief who stole the Grail.

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