Druids are a culture nature worshipers.


Around 52 B.C., Julius Caesar wrote of the Druids "They also hold long discussions about the heavenly bodies and their movements, the size of the universe and of the earth, the physical constitution of the world, and the power and the properties of the gods..."

Little is known about the long-lost Druids. There are bits and pieces found in the writings of Caesar and other Roman historians and some surviving oral tradition. Unfortunately, the Druids' religion was against putting their knowledge into written form. What is also seldom mentioned is how powerfuland important Druidesses were within their structure. It was Velleda, Druid High-Priestess of Germany and Gaul who led a major rebellion against Romans in 70 B.C. (and, tragically, lost and was executed in Rome).

We know the druids believed in reincarnation and that their strongest beliefs centered around the Oak and Mistletoe. Sacred groves were vital to them and were centers of worship.

Among the ancient works that survived is the Cad Goddeu, Welsh for "The Battle of the Trees", a long poem in which secret names were encoded within verses about sacred trees. Certain letters of the alphabet were associated with certain trees. Trees were also associated with specific months and lunar cycles.[1]

Ancient Druids once worshiped the Old Ones atop Glastonbury Tor.

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