The Cup of Regeneration is the Sacred Cup of the Goddess. It is sometimes associated with the Grail.


The more ancient myths of the Sacred Cup of the Goddess inspired the Grail legend itself. The sacred cup belonged to the Goddess Aphrodite. Fatima had drunk from the sacred cup.

Arthur travels to Jeruselem where he takes the Test of Symbols to see if he is worthy to wrest the Cup of Regeneration from the Goddess and take it with him as the Grail.[1]

He later discovers the Sacred Cup inside of the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, where it had been hidden for centuries, used and protected by its guardians.

Behind the scenesEdit

In virtually every mythology in every culture, the cup or chalice or cauldron is a symbol of feminine power, the ability to create life and grant fertility.

Just as the Grail was reputed to have the power to heal and to give endless food and drink, so were there endless older myths of a Sacred Cup or cauldron which gave life to other boons. It appeared in the earliest legends of Egyptian, Babylonian, Indian and Norse mythology where it was linked to a Goddess (or a female trinity as a Triple Goddess) who gave birth to the universe and often there were three cauldrons from which various gods and heroes would drink to gain power or knowledge.

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