Crystal heart
Crystal heart image
The Crystal heart
Vital statistics
Effects guides on Ot Moor
Source The Well of Glastonbury Tor
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

The Crystal heart belonged to the Lady of the Lake until taken from her, perhaps by the Old Ones, and it was kept in the well of Glastonbury Tor. The Mad Monk considered it to be his hidden treasure and also the object of power that created the Spell of Circular Entrapment.

When Arthur opened the well, he found the heart in the ice-cold water. He carried it to Ot Moor till the Ice Palace. The "heartless" Lady received it and gave Arthur advice on where to find the Holy Grail, and also offered to rescue Launcelot.

Behind the scenesEdit

The heart can be used alternatively instead of the rose to guide Arthur to the Palace; It will change color when he steps on dangerously thin ice. IT can be used if the rose has already been used, or if the player lacks the Liber ex Doctrina.

If the player comes to the Ice Palace without the heart (by the means of the rose) the Lady will teleport him back. He can visit her later after Glastonbury Tor.

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