Conquests of the Longbow - title screen.

Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood is a graphic adventure game designed by Christy Marx and published by Sierra On-Line in 1992. It is considered the second (and last) part of the Conquests series, which began with Conquests of Camelot. It features VGA graphics and uses Sierra's standard icon-driven interface first seen in King's Quest V.

The player assumes the role of the legendary Robin Hood in his efforts to restore King Richard I to the throne of England. To do so, he must collect enough money to pay the king's ransom while avoiding the efforts of the Sheriff of Nottingham to capture and hang him and all his men.


Most of the game takes place in a standard adventure game mode, walking between screens and interacting with characters and objects through clicking icons on them. For navigation between screens, the game has several hotspots built into a map. There are also minigames involving archery, combat or Nine Men's Morris with adjustable difficulty.

The game is divided into 'days', each day ending with a recap of its events and discussion of the plot. Each day involves certain actions that must be completed before advancing, though it is possible to leave vital tasks undone that make parts of the game difficult or impossible later.

The game keeps track of the size of Robin's band, with a small number of opportunities to recruit new members, and a few chances to get them killed. There are 2 opportunities to launch raiding missions throughout the game, and having a sufficiently large band as well as using an effective strategy are necessary to succeed.

Depending on how well the player does, there are a number of endings, ranging from Robin being hanged for his crimes, to being knighted and getting married to Maid Marian.

This game is no longer being produced by Sierra, though a copy of the program may be downloaded from Christy Marx's personal website (first in External links section) though this is of dubious legality (as Sierra still owns the rights to the game).


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Eater EggsEdit

There are few interesting Easter eggs in the Conquests of the Longbow game. See the Conquests of the Longbow Easter eggs page for the lists.