The Chapel of the Two Gods is a chapel within Castle Camelot. The double altar in the chapel reflects the power struggle between the old and new religion.

On the right is the altar of Christ represented by the cross and on the left is the altar of Mithras represented by the labarum.

Before his quest for the Holy Grail, Arthur knelt and offered a donation to receive a blessing.



Closeup of the Goddess symbols

  • On the foreground pillar, one can see the symbols of Isis and Vesta, which the player will meet much later in Jerusalem. If the player examines them with the pointer, Merlin will say what they are but he has no idea what they are doing in this chapel.
  • If the player kneel and stays so for too long, every 30 seconds Merlin will say that Arthur's knees are getting sore and you should stand up.
  • Should the player forget to pay tribute to either or one of the two gods, they will punish Arther by dropping the portcullis on him as he leaves the castle.