Boar spear
Boar spear image
The boar spear
Vital statistics
Type weapon
Effects Kills boars of Forest Perilous
Source bought from the Hunter
Cost to buy 1 Gold
Cost to sell

The boar spear once belonged to the Black Knight and is powerful enough to kill even the giant boars of the Forest Perilous. He has laid an enchantment on it so that it belongs to the Forest and cannot be taken from here.

The staff is made of the sacred oak and the spearhead forged by the Black Knight himself.


Arthur bought the spear from the Hunter and killed 3 lethal boars in order to pass safely the Forest. By killing the last one, the spear remained stuck on its carcass.


If the player buys the spear and then leaves for another destination, the spear will vanish from inventory.

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