Day 3Edit

A Beggar is seen on Watling Street on his way to Nottingham. He wear a fake hunch and flea-bitten rags. Although he is poor and simple, he is strong beneath his rags and won't let Robin approach him.

  • If Robin ignores him, Little John appears later, having traded his rags with coins and left them for Robin as a present. This way no points are awarded.
  • If Robin threatens him with his bow, his Men will come and strip off the beggar of his clothes. -100 points will be subtracted.
  • Robin can trade his coins or emerald gem for the rags, as well as money. Friar Tuck takes him blindfolded to the camp so as to feed and water him and then allow him to return to the north. If Robin gives the gem, -200 points will be subtracted.

There are two more beggars at the Saturday Fair at the Nottingham Fair grounds. One who lost his leg in the crusade, and another who lost his foot when he tried to defend his daughter's honor from one of the Sheriff's Men.