Aphrodite is a fundamental Goddess known by scores of names with dozens of attributes. Aphrodite is simply the name by which she came to be known via the Greeks, but she was an ancient deity even then. She was variously considered the goddess of life, ideal, or chaste love, sexuality, marriage, childbirth, fate, death, arts, crafts, culture, hunting and the sea.

She was truly a queen among goddesses. From 70 A.D., her cult dominated the main temple of Jerusalem. There is a legend that in the 4th century the Empress Helena, mother of Constantine, found the True Cross (on which Christ was crucified) hidden in a crypt bean the temple of Aphrodite in Jerusalem.

The sacred number of Aphrodite is six. Symbols associated with her and representing fertility are the dove and the apple.

Aphrodite manifested a final time when Arthur won the Saracen in a fair battle, and left the Temple of Aphrodite for ever.


If the player fails to follow the dove, Aphrodite's voice will warn Arthur that she hates to be ignored. When the player meets her on the spiral, she will kill him with a ray.


"As with life, so too does power pass onward. Even gods and goddesses fall prey to the endless cycle. My reign here is ended. I shall never return."