Alan-a-Dale (aka Alan-a-dale) is a Troubadour lad of lively wit and golden voice. He is the minstrel of Robin's merry band but he acts also as a jester teasing them around.

Day 1Edit

After breakfast he welcomes Robin and teases Friar Tuck saying that he won't leave any fish for him. He jokingly says he composes a ballad for his cooking skills.

At night he tries to cheer Robin up promising him a woman with "huge tracts of lang", which he also promised to Much.

Day 2Edit

Joking on Robin's mysterious dream with maid Marian, he said that he often has such dreams, like with 3 redheads. He also said that Robin should drin again grog and dream up a lady's slipper to give it to Lobb. Robin told Little John to dunk him into the river, and Alan stopped.

Day 3Edit

At night Alan is bickering with Will Scarlet.

Day 5Edit

Alan is seen in the morning and says that Tuck is at the Widow or her wool. He jokes saying that he i perhaps interested in more than wool.

Behind the scenesEdit


Alan-a-dale singing the prologue.

He acts as the narrator of the game, and sings the ballad at the beginning and end of the game.